Corinne Whitaker est une pionnière fort connue des images de synthèse. Depuis plus de 20 ans, elle porte un "regard binaire" sur le monde, qu'elle exprime par le dessin, la peinture et la sculpture.

Depuis 9 ans, elle publie la fameuse revue d'art mensuelle en ligne
"Digital Giraffe", que l'on peut trouver sur son site .

L'oeuvre de sculpture numérique de Corinne Whitaker a été exposée aux États-Unis, en Europe, en Inde, en fait partie, entre autres, des collections de la NASA.

L'artiste vit actuellement à Palo Alto, en Californie, où son atelier est ouvert au public.

Corinne Whitaker has been acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of digital imaging. For over 20 years she has been drawing, painting and sculpting the world through the eyes of a binary language.
Whitaker is a noted digital sculptor, with works in bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, crystal and high technology composite materials. Her work is featured in the recently published "Women Artists of the American West" and is included in the permanent collection of NASA. For over nine years she has been publishing, writing, illustrating and editing the award-winning Digital Giraffe monthly art journal at

Whitaker has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over 100 solo and 200 group exhibitions, most recently in a one-person exhibition entitled "Corinne Whitaker.uncom" at the San Bernardino County Museum in California. Her work has been published in over 80 books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers and media. She presented the first digital art exhibit in India, and has shown work in Thailand, Germany, England, Japan and China. She has also been interviewed on live simulcast on London TV and the Internet.
Whitaker lives and works in Palo Alto, California, where she maintains a studio/gallery open to the public.