IS 2003 / 3rd Digital Sculpture Competition / Jury



Brit Bunkley is currently the head of sculpture at the Quay School of the Arts, Wanganui Polytechnic in Wanganui, New Zealand. He moved there from NYC with his family in 1995.
He had spent 16 yeas there as a working sculptor and photographer, where he designed and built numerous commissions and received several grants and fellowships including National Endowment of the Arts and the Rome Prize Fellowship.

Bunkley originally began using computers as a design tool for public sculpture. His use of the computer eventually evolved to creating virtual environments, sculptures and installations that were physically manifest as large prints, videos and rapid prototypes. Since moving to New Zealand, he has had two solo shows in public galleries and is presently working on an upcoming solo show at the Fisher Gallery (“Te Tuhi - The Mark”) in Auckland for mid 2002.

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