IS 2003 / 3rd Digital Sculpture Competition / Jury



Paul Higham
Born 1953

A long time new media artist, born in the UK and now living in America, Paul Higham has used digital technology in his art for over twenty years. Since the early 70s whilst studying at Goldsmiths College of Art London University , his endeavour has remained consistent, to propogate  a  new  form of sculpture based on theories of artificial life, His residencies include working with mainframe computers at the University of London 1986 & Rank Xerox, UK in 1989: using  mainframe computers and CNC processes to make large sited works.

 In 1995  he  independently initiated a collaboration with Stratasys Rapid prototype Corp. USA, and  at this time was invited to join the Advanced Visualization Lab as part of the Human machine design lab team at the University of Minnesota  developing and building  his own data gloves for  interacting with VR worlds also using holography, haptics,mo-cap, 3d scanners and coding. In  1996 he was awarded the Jerome Mcknight for his V.R work and remains a pioneering advocate of computers in sculpture and Rapid Prototyping and continues to exhibit and lecture Internationally including the New York Digital Salon in 96, Circulo de Beaux Arts, Madrid, Intersculpt 99 at the French Senate, Paris, I.S.C: Chicago, Pittsburg and Houston,{providing R.P machines as co-organiser}, Walker Art Center, Mpls, USA.Manchester City Art Gallery UK  and most recently at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. And has sited work  at the Wedgewood memorial sculpture park, UK.
Franconia sculpture grounds,USA, New York Mills sculpture Park , USA. Pirkkala Sculpture park Helsinki,Finland  and  has been sponsored by  Hewlett Packard, Micron, Sensable Tech , S.G.I, Stratasys  Rapid prototype corporation,Spaceward computer corps

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