IS 2005 / 4th Digital Sculpture Competition / Jury

Pr. Alain Bernard


Prof. A. Bernard was graduated in 1982 at ENS Cachan. He contributed to LURPA laboratory (Research Laboratory for Production), with Prof. Bourdet, since 1983 and obtained his PhD in 1989, on 3D feature-based manufacturing of forging dies. As an assistant professor, he worked from 1990, for six years, with Prof. Bocquet in Ecole Centrale Paris (Research laboratory on Mechanical Engineering and Logistics) on product, technology and process modelling. He also created, in 1993, the rapid prototyping and reverse engineering platform of Ecole Centrale Paris, the CREATE (European Rapid prototyping Center for Assistance, Transfert and Experiment).

He is the vice-president of AFPR (French Rapid Prototyping Association) and its representative in GARPA (Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations). From 1996 to 2001, he was Professor in CRAN laboratory (Research Center for Automatic Control of Nancy) in Nancy, where he managed a research group (ICF) on mechanical and production engineering. His main research topics are related to reverse engineering, knowledge-based systems for Computer-Aided process planning (applied to machining, rapid prototyping and laser digitizing), and product and process modelling. Pr Alain BERNARD works now in the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, and manage a research at the IRCCyN (Virtual Engineering for Industry).

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