Tim Duffield


Timothy Duffield is a sculptor and landscape architect. He was born in England and has lived in the USA for many years. He has created many public sculptures throughout the USA. He uses the computer to design sculpture and to visualize how it will fit in an existing site. This has led to a fascination with three-dimensional animation as an end in itself.

His recent work is an exploration of the ways in which the computer can enhance and facilitate the actual physical creation of sculpture. Some of this work also relates to landscape architecture, in that he is designing benches, fountains and other landscape elements to be cut in granite by computer-controlled machines. Duffield is a co-founder and the secretary of the Computers and Sculpture Forum. He produces The Platform, the Forum newsletter, and organizes and contributes to conferences, workshops and exhibitions related to the arts and technology. He was the Director of the Computers and Sculpture Forum component for the International Sculpture Conference in Chicago in 1998. Christian Lavigne and Timothy Duffield inaugurated the Intersculpt series with Intersculpt96 in Philadelphia, USA and Paris.

Currently, Duffield is working on a very large landscape project for an American corporation. He is designing a 57-acre campus for their headquarters. It includes parkland, water features and sculptural elements. Thus far, he has spent a year on the project. The work is likely to last another two years. Duffield finds that the organic forming of the land is not very susceptible to computer assistance, but is finding solids modeling to be a great help in designing and visualizing the built elements.

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