An occasional newsletter of the Computers and Sculpture Forum.

THE PLATFORM #15 May 2001

THE PLATFORM #14 March 2001

THE PLATFORM #13 April 1998

THE PLATFORM #12 January 1998

THE PLATFORM #11 December 1997

THE PLATFORM #10  September 1997

The Computers and Sculpture Forum is a loose-knit group of sculptors who use the computer in various stages of their work. There is no doctrinal or formal requirement for membership. There is no agenda other than the maintenance of a way to keep in touch and to participate together in events that promote the sharing of our excitement in our work. We are all members of the International Sculpture Center. We have played a prominent part in the biannual conferences that the ISC convenes. We also take part, in an informal way, in other conferences and symposia, such as those staged by the International Association of Electronic Arts and the Small Computers in the Arts Network. In conjunction with colleagues in Europe who formed Ars Mathematica, we have also begun to stage our own events -- Intersculpt'95 and '97. We intend to continue these activities.

The Platform is an OCCASIONAL newsletter. It appears only when there is something to say -- which usually means in preparation for events such as the Sculpture Conference. The newsletter is the vehicle for planning the events and informing the membership.

At the end of each copy of The Platform is a form to fill out for membership. If you would like to be a member, receive the printed newsletter and take part in planning activities for the events in which we participate, send your full address, telephone and fax numbers and your e-mail address and website URL to Tim Duffield, 1551, Johnny's Way, West Chester, Pa 19382 OR: e-mail the information to timd@netaxs.com.

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